Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Row Row Row

My formative years were spent in the 60's and I have participated in my share of protests and be-ins. I got involved in the social justice movement with influence from my hippy brother. I look fondly on those times I participated in protests to bring attention to causes worth fighting for - Civil Rights, Farm Workers, Vietnam War, and now, the minimum wage, healthcare and the No Child Left Behind/Race to the Top "reforms."

I am a child of the 60's.

My friend Columbine and I changed the words to Stewart MacNeils' song to make it appropriate for an assembly program for MLK Day in school. They loved to lay it on the guitar and sing it for years afterwards.   I was proud to give Stewart a copy of our singing it on a CD a few years later. He was thrilled. And therefore, so was I!

Row, Row, Row (MLK)
by Stewart MacNeil/David Cross
adapted by Room 12 - A. Tenaglia/C. Phoenix

Just at noon on a winter’s morning
There comes a cry, a new born baby boy, a gift of joy
A father’s pride, a mother’s pleasure,
Born to love, a hope for days to come,

This special son

Early years just a child at play
Troubled times, No silver spoon in his mouth, but still no doubt
In school there were no questions to stun his intellect
His teachers praised him openly he always aced the test
Even at this early age he clearly set his pace, a winner indeed,
For the human race

Row row row gently down the stream
Row row row we’re all on Martin’s team
Row row row gently down the stream
Row row row life is but a dream

Just a man with a cause for justice
Spends his life for the benefit of man, he takes a stand
Thought by some to be a martyr,

Others question all he has to say
He will have to pay

His virtue is unbroken by politics of fear
Some people love him dearly, his thoughts they wish to share
But days will pass uncertain, they’ll try to lend disgrace to a winner indeed
For the human race

Row row row…

6 pm on a cloudy Thursday
Comes a sound - a man is soon to die, no reason why
In life there are no answers to questions born of hate
They tried to kill the movement, a bullet sealed his fate
Despite his many troubles, he never fell from grace, a winner indeed,
For the human race
Row row row…

Life is but a dream…… life is but a dream…… life is but a dream…..

(fade away and cut to one of the boys reciting MLK's I Have a Dream speech)

Click here to hear them sing it about halfway through the podcast 

Still learning!

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