Sunday, February 9, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Well this blog is supposed to be about educational issues and boy, did I get educated this week about winter storms!

We were hit with heavy snow on Monday and by the time I got home from my cataract surgery, our driveway had been plowed in by the township plows. I have no argument with the plows, they do a great job, much better than the surrounding townships. However, Vic had to climb over a three-foot snow bank in order to get the shovel so he could shovel a van-sized spot at the end of the driveway. We couldn't get the garage door open (it was frozen shut) and had to wait until my daughter and her boyfriend came over and roughhoused it open in order to get the snowblower out.

Shortly after we plowed the driveway out, it rained for an entire day and froze to the trees and wires, causing a massive power outage in 5 counties in Southeastern PA. We were 4.5 days without power, causing us to be wandering nomads after the first three chilly nights at the house.

I learned I have the best family, as we stayed with my Mom one night at her apartment. She wined and dined us and we got to watch the Opening Ceremonies together, just like when I was a kid. My daughters and their beloveds treated us to a wonderful dinner and we slept there last night. Lily, my grand dog, gave me a lick attack welcome, and my daughter Karen drove past the house to see if we were back on and as she did, the lights went on!

I learned that the county was great at getting info out through social media during the outage and that other community institutions were generous with their space and time. The Chester County Library let us borrow their internet and their warm building, West Chester University provided a large space for a warming center and Shelter, complete with medical center and housing for pets. Various states and New Brunswick, Canada sent their crews to rebuild the power grid and get people back on as quickly as possible. They've been working around the clock in 16-hour shifts to get us back on.

Thanks to my hubby who drove home tonight through some very slippery snow, so we could sleep in our own bed tonight.

There's no place like home.

Still learning!

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